2016 Orthopaedic Team Course Presentations

These are some of the presentations given at the 2016 Orthopaedic Team Course in Dallas:


DDX of Knee Pain, Raymond H. Kim, MD

The Role of Arthroscopy in the Arthritic Knee, R. Michael Meneghini, MD

The AAOS CPG on Non-Arthroplasty Care of the Knee, Henry D. Clarke, MD

Indication and Results of Medial UKA, Jason M. Hurst, MD



DDX of Hip Pain, William G. Hamilton, MD

Non-Operative Care of the Hip, Rafael J. Sierra, MD

Indications for Hip Arthroscopy, J. Bohannon Mason, MD Discussion and Cases


Case Discussions

Session 3: Knee Arthroplasty, a Case-Based Discussion, Moderator: David D. Dalury, MD
Panel: William G. Hamilton, MD; Raymond H. Kim, MD; Matthew P. Abdel, MD; Henry D. Clarke, MD; Zachary D. Post, MD

Session 4: Hip Arthroplasty, a Case-Based Discussion, Moderator: James A. Browne
Panel: William G. Hamilton, MD; Rafael J. Sierra, MD; R. Michael Meneghini, MD; Zachary D. Post, MD; Gregory J. Golladay, MD; Harpal S. Khanuja, MD

PA/NP Panel, Moderator: Henry D. Clarke, MD
Panelists: Mike Miller, PA; Cassidy Punt , PA; Jana Flener, PA; Nicholas E. Probst, PA; Jeff S. Williams, PA; Kate Robertson, PA


Other Topics

Blood Management 2016, Harpal S. Khanuja, MD

VTE Prophylaxis, Jason M. Hurst, MD

Metal Allergy, Zachary D. Post, MD


Complications, Pain and Readmission

Multimodal Pain Protocols 2016, David F. Dalury, MD

Session 7: Post-Operative Complications Following TKR, Moderator: James A. Browne, MD

Evaluation of the Painful THR, R. Michael Meneghini, MD

Panel on Complications – Case-Based Discussion and Questions
Raymond H. Kim, MD; Gregory J. Golladay, MD; J James A. Browne, MD; J. Bohannon Mason, MD; Harpal S. Khanuja, MD

How to Avoid Readmissions?, James A. Browne, MD