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Making healthcare better is our priority and we believe technology can play an even greater role in improving people’s lives. In addition to alleviating pain, restoring health, extending lives, we work in partnership with others to create seamless, more efficient care. Learn how we’re taking healthcare Further, Together at

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Advanced energy technology. New orthopedic possibilities.

Advanced Energy Solutions for Orthopedic Surgery

Discover what Medtronic Advanced Energy technology can do for your orthopedic procedures.

Advanced Energy Product Catalog

Explore the full suite of Medtronic Advanced Energy solutions, each tailored to your specific surgical needs.

Improving Total Joint Outcomes in Your ASC

Learn how advanced hemostatic control can enhance procedures in an ASC setting.

PlasmaBlade X Dissection Device

Let your performance shine – with the PlasmaBlade X dissection device.


Visit the Medtronic AAHKS 2020 virtual booth to learn more. 

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