Symposium Guidelines

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The AAHKS Program Committee is looking for symposia topics that are cutting edge, controversial, or innovative. Symposia are interactive sessions. They should be well balanced and feature a blend of differing styles and techniques. Symposia should include three to four speakers and a moderator. The goal is to have multiple participants present their approaches to a common issue or question. The approaches may or may not be adversarial and may or may not be supported by brief mention of relevant data.


A symposium should comfortably fit into one hour: 40 minutes for faculty presentations and 20 minutes for the discussion.

The format of a symposium usually consists of an introduction to the topic by the moderator to provide the audience with a background for the discussion. Symposium faculty then present their viewpoints, discuss approaches within the faculty group and with the audience. Often, the symposium ends with an overview of the proceedings by the moderator. Note that symposia are interactive (as opposed to a didactic) sessions.

Faculty should prepare presentations in advance, so that the moderator can prepare a coherent summary. Faculty is encouraged to speak from notes, as reading detracts from the spirit of the symposium. The moderator should not give a separate presentation. The goal is to moderate the activity to highlight the essential issues raised by faculty and to integrate and interpret them.

After the moderator submits the proposal and it is accepted into the Annual Meeting program, he or she is responsible for relaying all information to the faculty and for communicating with AAHKS staff.

Selection and Grading Process

The final selection is made by the Program Committee, whose primary consideration is to determine what will best serve the interests of AAHKS members and contribute to the overall success of the Annual Meeting. Selection of symposia is based on the overall quality and thoroughness of the proposal submission. The committee may suggest speaker substitutions. The committee may decide to combine two proposals into one. Suggestions arising from discussions of the Program Committee will be passed on directly to the moderator. Proposals that are not accommodated may be re-submitted the following year and will receive the same consideration as all other proposals.

All symposia proposals will be reviewed in a blinded fashion. Each proposal will be evaluated and graded by Program Committee members. The proposals will be graded on a 25-point scale. Each score will be tallied and scores will be averaged. The proposals with the highest scores will be selected for the program.

  • Strongly considered for symposium (20 – 25 points)
  • Consideration given, but some flaws (15 – 19 points)
  • Consideration given, but needs revisions if accepted (10 – 14 points)
  • Not acceptable (0 – 9 points)

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

All abstract authors, co-authors and presenters are required to complete disclosures of their financial relationships with commercial interests prior to submitting abstracts. Authors, co-authors and presenters can submit their disclosure information on the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) website. Disclosure information will be made available in the Final Program and Proceedings. Submissions of authors failing to disclose will be withdrawn from the program.

FDA Status

If a device or drug requiring FDA approval is included in the educational content, the content must include the FDA clearance status of the medical devices and pharmaceuticals for the uses discussed or described. “Off label” uses of a device or pharmaceutical may be described so long as the lack of FDA clearance for such uses is also disclosed. Posters exhibiting a Class III device or pharmaceutical require signage indicating the FDA status of the product.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure that educational content complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to protect patient rights and confidentiality.

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