AAHKS Start-up Exhibitor Program

  • About the Annual Meeting
    The Annual Meeting of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons addresses a broad array of scientific topics such as implant design, outcomes, surgical techniques and complications of primary and revision total joint arthroplasty (TJA) for hip and knee surgeons. The meeting addresses the latest socioeconomic issues in health care. Special courses are also offered for residents, non-physician team members, researchers and hospital/practice administrators. Held in Dallas in November each year, the Annual Meeting typically attracts more than 4,000 total attendees.
  • Start-up Exhibitor Program
    An important part of the meeting is to ensure that new and cutting-edge products and services are featured on the exhibit floor for AAHKS attendees.  We recognize that, often, start-up companies may not have the capital or budget necessary to afford a booth at the AAHKS Annual Meeting. This new program will allow a limited number of companies the opportunity to exhibit at the 2024 AAHKS Annual Meeting at a greatly reduced, one-time rate. Participants will receive 50 percent off the price of a 10×10 booth for a total of $3,500.

  • The start-up exhibitor program application developed by the AAHKS Industry Relations Committee (IRC) is for new or start-up companies that have not been an AAHKS exhibitor previously. This application process is designed to enhance and protect the academic and clinical focus of the meeting.
  • One of the ways that we will evaluate the applications received is for applicants to present AAHKS Learning Objectives. These Learning Objectives highlight unique patient and problem-oriented industry solutions and/or issues encountered in everyday practice. They drive meaningful, data and publication-based discussion between industry representatives and surgeons in the AAHKS Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall/Learning Center.
  • AAHKS believes that providing learning objectives helps meet the needs of our industry partners and increases learning value for attendees. AAHKS and our attendees and exhibitors have the shared goal of educating our members and advancing care for orthopaedic patients everywhere.
  • Application approvals are valid one-time for the next AAHKS Annual Meeting only. All applicants must abide by the AAHKS rules and regulations for exhibitors.
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