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Annual Meeting Papers and Authors

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Paper Title Authors
Lessons Learned from the CJR Model at an Academic Tertiary Center: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyChancellor F. Gray, MD, Hernan A. Prieto-Saavedra, MD, Hari K. Parvataneni, MD, Dennis Chen, MD, Justin T. Deen, MD, Luis Pulido, MD
Lower Revenue Surplus in Medicare vs Non-Medicare Total Joint ArthroplastyJustin Magnuson, BA, John Hobbs, Kalpak Sarangdhar, Peter A. Gold, MD, Paul M. Courtney, MD, Chad A. Krueger, MD
27130: A Reimbursement Retrospective Richard Southgate, MD, Erik Woelber, MD, Kathryn Schabel, MD
Should Medicare Surgeon Reimbursement for Arthroplasty Be Risk-Adjusted for Patient Complexity? Jack M. Haglin, MD, Joseph C. Brinkman, MD, David G. Deckey, MD, Sailesh Tummala, MD, Michael L. Moore, BS, Joshua S. Bingham, MD, Mark J. Spangehl, MD
Do PROs Reflect Objective Measures of Function? Implications for Value-Based Care in TKABrandon Hill, MS, Shivesh Shah, BA, Wayne E. Moschetti, MD, MS, Peter L. Schilling, MD, MSc
Preoperative Patient Reported Outcome Measure Thresholds Should Not be Used for Indicating Total Knee Ryan Sutton, MD, Colin M. Baker, BS, Taylor D'Amore, MD, Chad A. Krueger, MD, Paul M. Courtney, MD
Loss to Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) Follow-up After Hip and Knee ArthroplastyLauren A. Ross, Sara O'Rourke, Gemma Toland, Deborah J. Mac Donald, BA, Nick D. Clement, MD, PhD, Chloe E. H. Scott, MD, FRCS (ORTHO)
Patient Reported Outcome Measures for Total Joint Arthroplasty: Evaluation of Cost and ComplianceRyan Sutton, MD, Colin M. Baker, BS, Taylor D'Amore, MD, Paul M. Courtney, MD, Chad A. Krueger, MD, Matthew S. Austin, MD
Timing of Elective Total Joint Arthroplasty Following the COVID-19 Infection David Novikov, MD, Nicholas Ogrinc, BS, Tucker Berk, BS, Noelle Wojciechowski, BA, Hannah J. Szapary, BS, Alexander R. Farid, BA, Afshin A. Anoushiravani, MD, Antonia F. Chen, MD, MBA, Michael S. Kain, MD
Hyponatremia is An Overlooked Sign of Trouble Following TJAColin M. Baker, BS, Graham S. Goh, MD, Saad Tarabichi, MD, Matthew Sherman, BS, Javad Parvizi, MD
The Fate of the Patient with Superficial Dehiscence Following Direct Anterior Total Hip ArthroplastyJacob M. Wilson, MD, Matthew L. Hadley, MD, Cameron K. Ledford, MD, Joshua S. Bingham, MD, Michael J. Taunton, MD
Impact of Prior Fragility Fractures on Complications After Total Hip ArthroplastyAmy Zhao, BA, Amil R. Agarwal, BA, Alex Gu, MD, Jordan S. Cohen, MD, Rachel Ranson, DO, MS, Gregory J. Golladay, MD, Savyasachi C. Thakkar, MD
How Much Protection Does a Collar Provide? Risk of Early PPFx Following THA in Elderly PatientsSamuel Rodriguez, MD, Simarjeet Puri, BS, Jennifer Bido, MD, Austin C. Kaidi, MD, MSc, Jose A. Rodriguez, MD, Elizabeth B. Gausden, MD, MPH
RAPT Score Predicts Postoperative Function, Length of Stay and Discharge Destination After TKA/THADrake G. Lebrun, MD, Charles M. Fisher, PT, Sharlynn Tuohy, PT, Joseph T. Nguyen, MPH, Alejandro G. Della Valle, MD, Michael P. Ast, MD, Alberto V. Carli, MD, FRCSC
Age-Related Differences in Pain, Function and Quality of Life Following Primary TKA David C. Ayers, MD, Mohamed Yousef, MD, PhD, Wenyun Yang, MS, Hua Zheng, PhD
Uncemented Knee Survivorship Varies by Age and Sex in MARCQIBrendan Comer, MD, Dexter T. Powell, MD, Brian R. Hallstrom, MD, Huiyong Zheng, PhD, Richard E. Hughes, PhD, David C. Markel, MD
Randomized Clinical Trial of Cementless Tantalum Tibial Components: Durable and Reliable at 10 YearsEmmanuel Gibon, MD, PhD, David G. Lewallen, MD, Dirk R. Larson, MS, Michael J. Stuart, MD, Mark W. Pagnano, MD, Matthew P. Abdel, MD
Cementless TKA in Patients Over Seventy-Five: a Single Practice Review Using Statewide Registry DataBrendan Comer, MD, David C. Markel, MD, Michael Fry, MD, Dexter T. Powell, MD
Variables in TKA Cementing Technique Amongst Arthroplasty Surgeons – A Survey of the AAHKS MembersChristopher E. Pelt, MD, Michael J. Archibeck, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc, Gregory G. Polkowski, MD, John R. Martin, MD
Preoperative VR-12 Mental Composite Score >60 Associated with Increased Satisfaction Post THAAhmed K. Emara, MD, Daniel Grits, BS, Melissa N. Orr, BS, Pedro J. Rullan, MD, Trevor G. Murray, MD, Carlos A. Higuera, MD, Viktor E. Krebs, MD, Robert M. Molloy, MD, Nicolas S. Piuzzi, MD
Hospital Teaching Status and Patient-Related Outcomes Following Primary THA—an AJRR StudyChristian T. Oakley, BS, Jerrt Arraut, BS, Simon Lalehzarian, MD, Jeremiah Thomas, BS, Vinay K. Aggarwal, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc, Joshua C. Rozell, MD
Does Race Predict Outcomes and Revision Rates after Primary Total Hip ArthroplastyJaclyn A. Konopka, MD, Utkarsh Anil, MD, Charles Lin, MD, Claudette Lajam, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc
No Difference in Risk of Dislocation with Lumbar Spine Fusion Prior to or After Total Hip ArthroplastySebastian Welling, MD, Ryland Kagan, MD, Mark E. Mildren, MD, Travis C. Philipp, MD, Jung Yoo, MD
Blame the Opioid not the Spine Surgeon; Dislocation After Total Hip Arthroplasty with Prior Lumbar SurgeryRyland Kagan, MD, Sebastian Welling, MD, Travis C. Philipp, MD, Mark E. Mildren, MD, Jung Yoo, MD
Are Metal Ion Levels Elevated After Dual Mobility Acetabular Systems: Minimum Five-Year AnalysesSteven F. Harwin, MD, Zhongming Chen, MD, Nipun Sodhi, MD, Michael A. Mont, MD
MARS-MRI Abnormalities in Asymptomatic Primary THA Patients with Dual Mobility Hip ProsthesesNathanael D. Heckmann, MD, Brian C. H. Chung, MD, Xiao T. Chen, MD, Luke R. Lovro, MD, Eric White, MD, Alexander B. Christ, MD, Donald B. Longjohn, MD, Daniel A. Oakes, MD, Jay R. Lieberman, MD
One Year Outcomes of Smartphone-based Care Management Platform After Total Knee ArthroplastyDavid A. Crawford, MD, Paul J. Duwelius, MD, Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr., MD, FACS, Keith R. Berend, MD, Alexander M. DeHaan, MD, Roberta E. Redfern, PhD
Second Dose of Dexamethasone Reduces Opioid Consumption, Pain, and Length of Stay in Primary TKAJerry Arraut, BS, Christian T. Oakley, BS, Mark Kurapatti, BS, Omid S. Barzideh, MD, Joshua C. Rozell, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc
Chronic Anticoagulation: Increased Risk for Complication Following Primary Total Knee ArthroplastyRahul K. Goel, MD, Jacob M. Wilson, MD, Philip O. Oladeji, MD, Alexander M. Dawes, BS, Keerat Singh, MD, George N. Guild, MD
Lateral Patella Facet OA Is Not Contraindicated for Medial UKA: Mean 10-Year Outcomes & SurvivorshipKevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH, Karina Wang, BS, Sarah Commaroto, Kathryn Dotterweich, Karen K. Briggs, MPH, Stephanie C. Petterson, PhD
Resurfacing the Thin Native Patella: Is It Safe?Jacob M. Wilson, MD, Mikaela H. Sullivan, MD, Mark W. Pagnano, MD, Robert T. Trousdale, MD
Individualized Functional Alignment Improves Clinical Outcomes in TKA Patients with Constitutional VarusGavin W. Clark, FRACS, Dermot Collopy, MD, Richard Steer, MD, Nazim Khan, PhD
Fibromyalgia Increases Post-Operative Healthcare Utilization Following Total Hip ArthroplastyRyland Kagan, MD, Mark E. Mildren, MD, Spencer Smith, BS, Jung Yoo, MD
Treating Hepatitis-C Prior to Total Hip Arthroplasty is Cost-Effective: A Markov AnalysisAfshin A. Anoushiravani, MD, Gokul Kalyanasundaram, BS, James E. Feng, MD, MS, Frank Congiusta, MD, Richard Iorio, MD, Matthew Dicaprio, MD
Bilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty Staged within 6 Weeks Increases Risk of Adverse EventsJoseph Serino, MD, E. Bailey Terhune, MD, Robert A. Burnett, MD, Jonathan A. Guntin, BA, Craig J. Della Valle, MD, Denis Nam, MD, MSc
Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Conventional Total Hip Arthroplasty Versus Robotic-Arm AssistedBabar Kayani, MD, PhD, Andreas Fontalis, MD, MSc, Isabella C. Haddad, Christian Donovan, Jenni Tahmassebi, BS, Fares S. Haddad, MD, FRCS (ORTHO)
HXLPE Liner Thickness in THA Does not Influence Survival in 2584 Hips with Mean 13.2 Years Follow-Up
Bas L. Fransen, MD, PhD, Lisa C. Howard, MD, Tanya Mac Donell, MD, Francisco J. Bengoa, MD, Donald Garbuz, MD, Gerard A. Sheridan, MD, Michael E. Neufeld, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Displaced vs Nondisplaced Femoral Neck Fractures: Is Arthroplasty the Answer for Both?Graham Dekeyser, MD, Jeffrey Frandsen, MD, Brenna E. Blackburn, PhD, Jeremy M. Gililland, MD
Declining Geographic Access to High-Volume Revision Hip Arthroplasty Surgeons (2013-2019)Tarun K. Jella, MPH, Thomas B. Cwalina, MBA, Alexander Roth, MD, Nathan W. Mesko, MD, Atul F. Kamath, MD
Does an Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy Increase the Risk of Tapered Splined Stem SubsidenceSamuel Rodriguez, MD, Leonardo Albertini-Sanchez, BS, Travis R. Weiner, BS, Elizabeth B. Gausden, MD, MPH, Jason L. Blevins, MD, Jose A. Rodriguez, MD, Peter K. Sculco, MD
Dual Mobility Articulation in Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty: An AJRR AnalysisJesse E. Otero, MD, PhD, Nathanael D. Heckmann, MD, Kyle Mullen, MPH, Jay R. Lieberman, MD, Bryan D. Springer, MD
Dislocated Dual Mobility THA: Most Need Open Reduction and Intraprosthetic Dissociation Often MissedKatherine E. Mallett, MD, Michael J. Taunton, MD, Matthew P. Abdel, MD, Rafael J. Sierra, MD
The Three Strongest Oxford Knee Score Questions that Predict Subsequent Knee Arthroplasty Revision Mei Lin Tay, MS, Andrew P. Monk, FRCS, Chris MA Frampton, PhD, Gary J. Hooper, MD, Simon W. Young, FRACS
Increased Revision Risk with Rotating Platform Bearings in Total Knee ArthroplastyVishal Hegde, MD, Jamil Kendall, MD, Kathryn Schabel, MD, Christopher E. Pelt, MD, Patrick J. Yep, MPH, Kyle Mullen, MPH, Ayushmita De, PhD, Ryland Kagan, MD
Invasive GI Endoscopy Within 2 Months of TJA Increases the Risk for Periprosthetic Joint InfectionEnrico M. Forlenza, MD, E. Bailey Terhune, MD, Jeffrey A. Geller, MD, Craig J. Della Valle, MD
A Comparison of NASA Task Load Index in Primary and Revision Total Knee ArthroplastyKunal Panwar, DO, Eric Huish, DO, Jesua Law, DO, Justin T. Deans, DO, Jonathon R. Staples, MD, Eric O. Eisemon, MD, Zachary C. Lum, DO
Declining Inflation-Adjusted Medicare Hospital Reimbursement for Revision Total Joint ArthroplastyAdam A. Rizk, BA, Tarun K. Jella, MPH, Thomas B. Cwalina, MBA, Thomas J. Pumo, MD, Michael P. Erossy, MD, Atul F. Kamath, MD
Trends in Revenue and Cost for Revision Total Knee ArthroplastyThomas Christensen, BS, Christian T. Oakley, BS, Joseph A. Bosco, MD, Claudette M. Lajam, MD, James D. Slover, MD, Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc
Tibial Tubercule Osteotomy in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty: Contemporary Outcomes in 135 KneesCecile Batailler, MD, PhD, Nicolas Cance, MD, Robin Canetti, MD, Arman Vahabi, MD, Elvire Servien, MD, PhD, Sebastien Lustig, MD, PhD
Fungal Prosthetic Joint Infections: An Emerging Pathogen?Kathryn Fideler, MD, MPH, Eric M. Kiskaddon, MD, Matthew T. Pigott, MD, Kenan Alzouhayli, BA, Andrew Phillips, BA, Douglas Chonko, DO
Success of Debridement, Antibiotics and Implant Retention in Prosthetic Joint InfectionRichard Rahardja, MD, Mark Zhu, MD, Joshua Davis, MD, PhD, Laurens Manning, MD, PhD, Sarah Metcalf, MD, Simon W. Young, FRACS
High Incidence of Mood Disorders After Antibiotic Spacer Placement for PJI Following THA and TKAAvilash Das, MD, Alex Gu, MD, Amil R. Agarwal, BA, Simone A. Bernstein, BS, Brock Knapp, MD, Seth Stake, MD, Joshua Campbell, MD, Savyasachi C. Thakkar, MD, Gregory J. Golladay, MD
Aspirin and Venous Thromboembolism Following Total Joint Arthroplasty: An Analysis of EfficacyNathanael D. Heckmann, MD, Amit S. Piple, MD, Jennifer C. Wang, BS, Daniel A. Oakes, MD, Alexander B. Christ, MD, Jay R. Lieberman, MD
Skin Microbiome and Effect of DecolonizationDiana F. Rodriguez, MD, JeongEun Cho, BA, Emanuele Chisari, MD, Javad Parvizi, MD
Combining Bacteriophage and Vancomycin is Efficacious Against MRSA Biofilm Formed in Synovial FluidMariam Taha, PhD, Hesham Abdelbary, MD, FRCSC
Implant Materials Affect Biofilm FormationDavid Kerr, MD, Megan Zheng, BS, Isabel P. Prado, MS, Christine J. Wu, MD, Jeffrey O'Donnell, MD, Mark Wu, MD, Niall H. Cochrane, MD, Thorsten M. Seyler, MD, PhD
Total Knee Arthroplasty Can Save LungsAlisina Shahi, MD, PhD, Ali Oliashirazi, MD, Matthew L. Brown, MD
Hip & Knee Surgery Is the Most Litigated in Contemporary Orthopaedic Malpractice ClaimsNicholas Sauder, BS, Ahmed K. Emara, MD, Pedro J. Rullan, MD, Viktor E. Krebs, MD, Robert M. Molloy, MD, Nicolas S. Piuzzi, MD
Oral Dexamethasone Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled TrialJonathan H. Shaw, MD, Luke D. Wesemann, BS, Trevor R. Banka, MD, Wayne T. North, MD, Michael A. Charters, MD, Jason J. Davis, MD
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