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Established in 1987, Kinamed designs and manufactures implants and instruments for the orthopedic, cardiothoracic and neurosurgery specialties.

Please visit the Kinamed display for detailed information on these unique, clinically proven solutions:

CarboJet® CO2 Bone Preparation System provides deep cleaning and drying of bone surfaces in cemented arthroplasty. Lipids/fatty marrow elements are brought to the surface for easy removal. The system has been shown to improve cement penetration and cement interface strength, with the aim of reducing aseptic loosening. Quick and easy to use on TKA, UKA, THA, SA or any cemented arthroplasty case. Facilitates tourniquetless TKA, which has been shown to reduce post-op opioid use in female patients.

KineMatch® Patient-Matched PFR is a CT generated, patient-matched patello-femoral replacement. Clinical results at 11-year average follow-up demonstrate significantly improved outcomes as compared to “off-the-shelf” implants. OR time can be greatly reduced

SuperCable® Iso-Elastic™ Polymer Cerclage System

The SuperCable® Iso-Elastic™ Polymer Cerclage System solves limitations of metal cabling systems. This “Iso-elastic” polymer cable offers improved fatigue strength while eliminating metal cable debris formation, which has been shown to contribute to elevated systemic metal debris load, bearing surface wear, osteolysis and component loosening. Glove tears and “sharps injury” from cut metal ends are also eliminated. Available with Trochanteric Grips and Cable-Plates.


Complete information on our products, including videos and clinical papers, is available on our website.

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Bob Bruce
VP, Global Marketing & Product Strategy
Kinamed, Inc. 

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