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SCHAERER MEDICAL USAINC. is a premier provider of general and specialty surgical tables and accessories. Working with surgeons and thought leaders, we manufacture innovative and durable precision medical products designed to improve patient outcomes and allow surgical staff to work more effectively and efficiently.

The Latest Patient Positioning Technology for Same-Day, Direct Anterior THA

RotexTable attachment

The perfect choice for surgery centers or hospitals because it attaches to any table turning it into a DAA table. They do not have to find a place to store another table. Surgeons are switching to the Rotex for many reasons:

• It gives the surgeon the ability to control all the positioning during the procedure.

• Repeatability of the procedure is enhanced when the variability due to the table operator is eliminated.

• Eliminates the need for an extra person in the room.

• When not in use it stores in half the space of the Hana table.

• The Rotex attaches to any table, no more moving bulky tables around.

• Surgeons feel more secure when using the Rotex because the leg cannot be lowered or dropped while under traction.


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